Pondering and answering the following questions are helpful in understanding one's writing skills.

  1. Do you use writing as a way to communicate at your work place?
  2. Are you sure that your communications do not bore the recipients?
  3. Do you use dictionary or other references whenever you are not sure of your words and phrases?
  4. Are you able to support your content with examples?
  5. Do you use newer ways to communicate instead of using the overused words and phrases?
  6. Do you promptly reply to the messages received by you, preferably on the same day?
  7. Do you try to make your texts attractive, say by adding visuals or using different fonts and colours.
  8. Are you in the habit of collecting the required information and references before commencing your writings?
  9. Are you able to communicate in the style and language suited the intended readers or recipient of your communications?
  10. Do you suggest solutions and the actions to be taken by the readers?

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