DIY Assess Your Work-Life Balance is about understanding and making a balance between your working life and your life as an individual. In order to understand and assess Your Work-Life Balance, you should ask certain questions to yourself. The answers to these questions shall reveal your attitude and the way in which you are managing Your Work-Life Balance.


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General Points

Some of the points which may help you to Assess Your Work-Life Balance are indicated below. You are welcome to add and modify these points.

  1. Do you look for opportunities to create and build a good work-life- balance?
  2. Are flexible and adaptable to changes?
  3. Do you utilize your emotional intelligence to assist you in making changes?
  4. Are you monitoring your response and attitude to any issue? Are you positive in your outlook to any issue?
  5. Do you regularly review your decisions affecting your work-life balance?
  6. Do you spend quality time with your friends and family? Do you keep sufficient leisure time and time for hobbies?
  7. Are you able to communicate effectively with people around you? With all others?
  8. Are you able to understand other person's point of view?
  9. Do you feel being part of a team at your work place? Are you able to maintain really warm relations with your family members, relatives, and friends?
  10. Do you effectively apply your mind to search for solutions to problems? Do you involve others in this exercise/

Dos & Dont's

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Everything else

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