apple-head: n. girlfriend.

bahl: adj. good. (bahler = better, bahlest = best. Much bahlness = skillful, skillfully.)

belhoon: n. dollar.

boshe: n. deer. v. to hunt deer.

bright-lightner: n. city-dweller.

bucky: n. nickel.

burlap: v. to have sex.

buzz chick: n. baseball.

can-kicky: adj. angry.

charl: n. milk.

codgy: adj. old. Also: codgier, codgiest.

deek: v. to look. to see.

dinklehonk: n. cow.

dusties: n. cemetery.

fister: n. fight.

frattey: n. wine

gorm: v. to eat.

greeley: n. newspaper reporter.

haines-crispin: n. feud.

harp: v. to talk.

heelch: n. a large quantity (of something)

hob: n. dance.

horn: n. mug

jeffer: n. large fire.

keloppity: v. to travel on horseback.

kimmy: n. man.

moshe: n. car.

moshe gorms: n. gasoline.

ose: n. arse

pike: v. to go.

ply: v. to fill

shark: v. to stump.

shoveltooth: n. doctor.

slug: v. to sleep.

spat: n. .22 rifle.

steinber: n. beer.

teleef: n. telephone.

tidrick: n. trip, venture. (ex. harpin' tidrick, gabfest; boshin' tidrick, deerhunting expedition.)

thribs: n. three.

trashmover: n. heavy winter storm.

walter: n. a telephone (named after the first Booneville resident to obtain a telephone)

weech: n. small child.

zeese: n. coffee

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