When you need a new pencil case, whether it's for back-to-school, for a fun change or because your old one has broken, consider making a bow pencil case. It's cute, simple-to-make, and doesn't require any sewing.

Things neededEdit

  • A large rectangular fabric piece (need not have perfect edges)
  • Hot glue/ super glue (hot glue is preferred).
  • A strip of another fabric (preferably a color contrasting to the large fabric.) It should be the length of the width of your large piece of fabric, plus enough extra material for you to tie a knot.


  1. Fold a large rectangular fabric piece in half.
  2. Trim the side edges.
  3. Trim the top portion. This side should also be as neat as a pin!
  4. Stick the two edges together with super glue or hot glue (preferably hot glue).
  5. Place the fabric strip in the center. Ensure that there is enough extra fabric on the side with the opening to tie a bow, and the other end sticks off of the other side.
  6. Stick down with glue.
  7. Stow your stationery and supplies in the case.
  8. Flip it over.
  9. Tie a knot.
  10. You're done with your DIY fabric bow pencil case! This easy pencil case will look like a little bow.

Tips & suggestionsEdit

  • Use appropriate care when handling the hot glue gun.

Everything elseEdit

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