The main idea of the project is to recreate the video in its entirety, regardless the difficulties due to an amateur recording. We happened to choose this particular video simply because it's hilarious. Naturally, there's no intent to improve the original direction, script or production, because there's no way to top the original video. However, by choosing similar recording sets, we hope the viewer will remember the Iron Maiden video and... laugh.

The cast will be a group of friends willing to play fools in front of a camera. So far, I managed do gather five of them. Hopefully, that will be enough, even if some of us end up playing more than one part in the video.

Needless to say, we don't intend to record our version of the "Holy Smoke" song ourselves as if a cover version, as the video is to be played containing the original Iron Maiden version. Thus, there won't be musical footage recorded by ourselves.

Original video clipEdit

You can see the original Holy Smoke video clip by Iron Maiden here:


  • Bruno Iared (a.k.a. "Iared")
  • Felipe Sanches (a.k.a. "Juca")
  • Fernando Fortes (a.k.a. "Fortes")
  • Hugo Ribeiro Ramadan (a.k.a. "Paulo André do BBB 5")
  • Jefferson Suesdek (a.k.a. "Jeff")
  • Pedro Del Picchia (a.k.a. "Petranca")


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