Building a hovercraft with a CD is a fun and easy way to teach kids about physics. It can inspire them to recycle and be creative. In this tutorial, you will easily learn how to make a working model and to explain the science of a hovercraft.

Things neededEdit


  1. Preheat the glue gun to the desired temperature setting. Then insert the glue stick.
  2. Check the plastic pullout bottle cap by aligning to center hole of the CD making sure it fits. Once you know it fits, remove it.
  3. Apply the hot glue on the ring around the water bottle cap.
  4. Quickly align and firmly press the cap against the center hole of the CD.
  5. Hold the cap against the CD until the glue cools down and hardens.
  6. Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the water bottle cap attached to the CD.
  7. Pull the pullout cap outward on the bottle cap while holding the balloon in place.
  8. Flip the CD over and blow underneath the cap to inflate the balloon.
  9. Close the cap to seal the air inside the balloon.
  10. Place the hovercraft on a flat surface. Then pull out the water bottle cap.
  11. Move the hovercraft. It should take very little force. When the balloon deflates, inflate it again to repeat the process.

Tips & suggestionsEdit

  • The hovercraft travels easily because the air pressure released creates an air cushion underneath the CD. Thus, creating lift suspending the CD slightly off the ground. The cushion of air helps the hovercraft to separate from the ground making it glide over the surface and reducing friction. Less friction means less resistance, and this allows the CD to travel longer distance with less force. In addition the CDs surface keeps it parallel to the surface and distributes its weight over greater area, enabling the hovercraft to move with smaller amount of force.
  • Place the hot glue gun on a stable surface and keep away from children.

Everything elseEdit

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