If manly-type drink coasters are more your thing and all you have are frilly girly ones, don’t despair. You can make cool, comic book coasters in a snap--and you don't even have to have working knowledge of a glue gun!

Things neededEdit

Outdoor Mod Podge

Comic books

Craft knife

Lightweight coasters





  1. Trace coaster template. Using your existing (and possibly ugly) coaster, use it as a template for tracing certain areas of your comic book. Choose faces, action or any area that tickles your fancy. You may want to cover both front and back of the coaster depending on your taste (and what the existing coaster looks like underneath).
  2. Cut out templates and lay them on top of coasters. If you are doing front and back, just lay the image next to the coaster so you know you want to apply it after the front dries.
  3. Apply a liberal amount of Mod Podge to the surface using your paintbrush. Make sure you cover every inch of the coaster surface. Smooth your finger over the surface to remove bubbles and any excess Mod Podge (keep a paper towel nearby). Allow to dry for approximately 20 minutes in a cool area.
  4. Sand lightly with your sandpaper to smooth rough edges and produce a smooth surface.
  5. Add another coat of Mod Podge in order to seal the coaster. Allow this round to dry for a few hours before use or working on the other side.

Tips & suggestionsEdit

  • This method will not work on images printed in ink (or printed from an inkjet printer) as they will run.
  • If you plan on covering both sides, consider using small felt pads on the bottom of each coaster so the coaster is balanced and stable.
  • For extra protection add a layer or two of polycyclic and allow to dry for a few days. The polycyclic compound will make the coasters also heat resistant.

Everything elseEdit

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