Improve team effectiveness Teams are clusters of individuals who share one identity and behave as one large efficient machine. Their views and opinions must be similar and their vision or aim must be the same in order for the team to succeed. in order to improve a team's effectiveness, take into account the individual needs and requirements and assess if those match the requirements of the team. If the team's individual requirements match the team's direction then construct clear roles for each individuals. However, if the requirements do not match the team's vision then hard decisions must be made and further assessing must take place. For example consider training of team members and external factors such as pay reviews, recruitment,adequate equipment to complete tasks, travel time to work, rosters and personal conflict within the team. Definition of effective:Completes tasks to minute degree, provides results above and beyond the required standards performs required tasks with minimal supervision. Weak teams are defined as the teams that are lost and cannot achieve the tasks required and if they do perform the tasks they do so in more time, more costs and in an unsafe manner. The effective team will find a safe, low cost and time saving manner. So, how do we create that difference and improve our teams? The first step is to identify the common goal. What is your aim and what do you want accomplished? Establish a vision. When the vision is established follow through and involve all the team members in the decision making and make them feel like they invented/ created the vision. This step is crucial as it encourages ownership and accountability for the vision. Empowering the team in this manner will encourage the team to contribute evenly and take some pride in their work. Pride in one's own work stimulates the idea of completing tasks in their fullest form.

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