Know Your Objectives is a DIY exercise to make you Do-it-Now person. It is about understanding, learning, and being clear about your objectives. There is a rather simple solution to this - you have to decide your objectives very clearly, and then begin to remove the activities taking your time but not conducive to the realization of your objectives.


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General Points

  1. Prepare a blueprint of your objectives and this should be based on the consensus of your team members.
  2. The above stance shall result into a focused attitude on your part as well as on the part of your team members.
  3. Remain up-dated - always review the objectives to ensure that your objectives are relevant in the context of changes.
  4. Prioritizing in important - you should be able to list the tasks and the steps to realize your objectives on a reltive scale based on priorities.
  5. Deciding and Prioritizing the objectives and the steps shall make you more focused.

Dos & Dont's

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Everything else

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