If you're looking to make your own stress ball, one method uses the fun Orbeez toys. All you need is a set of these water marble toys, a clear balloon, and a water bottle.

Things neededEdit


  1. Fill an empty water bottle full of Orbeez. You can find these colorful balls at Amazon and Walmart.
  2. Take a clear balloon and fit it onto the nozzle of the water bottle. The balloon should be fit tightly onto the bottle.
  3. Turn the water bottle upside down so that the Orbeez from the water bottle fall into the balloon. In this way, the Orbeez will not be crushed. Wait until the balloon is filled.
  4. Tie the balloon at the nozzle. That is all you need to do to create this stress ball.

Tips & suggestionsEdit

  • You can find different sized balloons to make mega stress balls as big as pillows. Or you could use a water balloon to make a miniature one.
  • Make sure the Orbeez are not wet when you place them in the balloon or they will become moldy. As long as you dry them, then this stress ball will last a long time.

Everything elseEdit

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