You should not feel scared of Packing & Moving Household Goods as once you learn to Do It Yourself (DIY), you shall have confidence. Yes, of course, most of the time, professional help and assistance may be necessary - but, the confidence you shall acquire at this special aspect of DIY shall be really useful. We are aware that each type of Household Good requires a different type of packing & Moving treatment and so it is useful to list the same item-wise.

Please feel free to add and modify the list and help us in building a comprehensive DIY Packing & Moving Household Goods Manual.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction to Packing & Moving Household Goods
  2. Primary Moving Considerations
    1. Movers safety when moving
    2. Safety of the article being moved and the surfaces involved
    3. Minimizing moving time spent on each moving task
    4. Meeting moving time deadlines
    5. Minimizing Your Aggravation
    6. Minimizing Moving Costs
  3. Other Moving Considerations
  4. Packing Tips
    1. Start Packing Early
    2. Packing Table
    3. Packing Materials
      1. Newsprint Problems
      2. Box Taping
      3. Box Marking
    4. Lifting Packed Boxes
    5. Toolbox
    6. Checkbook
    7. Important Paperwork
    8. Fragile Items
    9. Plastic Containers
    10. Small Items
    11. Glassware and China
    12. Plates
    13. Oil Paintings
    14. Glass Framed Pictures, Mirrors and Flat Pieces of Glass
    15. Lamps and Shades
    16. Electronic Equipment
    17. Suitcases
    18. Dispose of Liquids
  5. Moving Tips
    1. Hazards
    2. Disassembly & Reassembly
    3. Blanket Wrap Furniture
    4. High Value Items
    5. Proper Carrying and Lifting
    6. Pets, Children and the Elderly
    7. Elevators
    8. Parking
    9. Last Minute Issues
    10. Do A Walk-Through


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