Do It Yourself Prepare To Write is a collaborative guide to learn to write in an organized way. A good writing has many elements - it should convey a positive message in a friendly way, it should be to the point, it should give the writer's understanding of the subject matter and issues, the information conveyed should be compact and concise. In order to bring forth all these and more elements in a writing, certain preparations are required.


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General Points

The following general points should be kept in view before you prepare to write:

  • Use the terms and the language with which the intended readers are familiar.
  • Planning is essential. Always plan - prepare notes, write a draft copy, and only then develop your main text.
  • Please include only authentic information after proper and extensive research. The texts should be properly sopported if required.
  • Begin writing only after you have collected major points and are sure about what you are going to write.
  • Always remain focused to the topic or the issue or the subject matter - do not deviate.

Dos & Dont's

  • Be co-operative
  • Be democratic
  • Be persuasive
  • Be supportive
  • Be unassuming
  • Don't be pompous
  • Don't be unhelpful
  • Don't be abrupt
  • Don't undermine the reader
  • Don't be authoritarian

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