Add design and whimsy to a regular bud vase by wrapping it in a large vintage appearing bedspring. The small element of 3D power mixed with glass and metal will be the perfect accent piece to any room.

Things neededEdit

  • Bud vase
  • Bedspring
  • Wire snips if you need to remove the bedspring
  • Decorations (optional)


1. Search for an appropriate bud vase to act as your project’s base. Since it is the focal point for this project, the bud vase needs to be stylish.

  • Consider whether you want flourish or just a plain vase for your project. You may want to stick with a vase that has few or little adornments because the majority of the project will be covered by the bedspring.
  • Select a vase fits easily inside a bedspring.
  • Another option is to use a long, thin glass cylinder.

2. Choose a bedspring. Choose one with an antique appearance, as this will make a nice contrast between the older metal and the fresher glass.

3. Turn the bedspring upside down. The bottom or larger end of the bedspring should be on the table, while the smaller end of the spring should be facing upward.

4. Drop the vase or cylinder in through the top of the pre-positioned bedspring. The bedspring rings should support the vase.

5. Fill vase with water if using fresh flowers. Consider using a cup with a spout for an accurate pour.

6. Add flowers to the vase. For this type of design, making a simple statement with only a few flowers works best.

Tips & suggestionsEdit

  • To clean the vase, simply slide the vase out of the spring and clean with hot soapy water. Allow to dry before returning to the spring, to avoid the potential for rusting the spring.
  • Be creative! Embellish your vase so it will be more beautiful and attractive.
  • This vase is potentially unstable if bumped. Locate the vase in an area that can’t be disturbed by animals or children.

Everything elseEdit

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